Aitana has the shiny $150 mini dress that’s going to be a hit this summer

Aitana has the shiny $150 mini dress that’s going to be a hit this summer

At this point, no one doubts Aitana’s ability to set trends. Who hasn’t wanted to have bangs after meeting her? And it is that the Catalan has become one of the most important musical stars of our country. And what does that mean? That everyone wants to dress her up.

Aitana is a 360 artist, as she would say herself paquita rooms: sing, dance, play and become a coach of The voice of children. Come on, a real complete pack. Indeed, we met this television facet in 2022, when we saw the young woman for the first time advising the boys and girls of the famous musical talent. And we loved it!

This new season of the program, Aitana is back in force, as one of the vocal coaches of the program. the interpreter of Formentera He will be back with Sebastián Yatra and David Bisbal on the set of Antena 3. This season, there is the absence of Pablo López and the return of Rosario (who has already participated several times).

To create the hype, Atresmedia released a small teaser of the four coaches reinterpreting one of the greatest classics of music in Spanish: my big night by Raphael. In this preview, we see Aitana with an amazing bright green look that fits her like a glove.

Of course, we wanted to know where this low-cut mini dress with side slit came from, which we think is perfect for this spring-summer season. A party look you’ll want to wear every night.

How much does Aitana’s scarlet mini dress cost?

The mini dress Aitana is wearing in the La Voz promo is from Turkish firm Siedrés: a sustainable fashion brand that bets on color and brightness.

The design that Aitana is wearing is called JILL and is one of the store’s bestsellers. Best of all? which is discounted Although its original price is 305 euros, the store has it right now for half: 152 euros. Not bad! Come on, this isn’t the $50,000 look the artist wore to Lele Pons and Guaynaa’s wedding.

Without a doubt, we adore this Siedrés dress. Will we see all the influencers this summer thanks to Aitana? Everything is possible!

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