Carlos Vives and Shakira admire each other and anyone who knows them a little knows it. However, taking advantage of the recognition that the Colombian artist received last night of April 20 at the Latin American Music Awards by winning the Legacy award for his career, the author of The torture there Monotony she made a point of specifying, once again, that for her, Vives is a real reference both in the musical field and in the personal field.

Shakira, taking advantage of the media attention her friend received yesterday, posted a long text on her Instagram profile in which reviewed what it meant for her and for all her country Carlos Vives and and his heritage, ensuring there things like that his compatriot is a real poet who writes verses with his land.

« An extraordinary musician and even more extraordinary your heart of faithful friend. Artists like you appear every thousand years, That’s why today we want to honor you, Shakira continued, writing for her great friend Vives.

In addition, Shakira made a point of emphasizing that, according to her, the author of Robarte un beso was a key figure in the expansion of Colombian culture. For her, Vives’ work showing the world the traditions, language and music of her country has been instrumental in the vision that the world now has of Colombia and in the fact that Colombians now value themselves and are valued more. than ever.

“Your legacy is priceless because it represents us all. Keep building it for us and fly high like a condor above the mountains. I love you my friend, we all love you!” Shakira ended up writing to close the text which was accompanied by a video of their best moments together in which we can see them collecting their Golden Award at the 2016 LOS40 Music Awards. to the sound of his Bike.

Confusion with “flying high”

But, although everything indicated that Shakira’s intention was not that at all, many fans of the artists got a bit scared when they misinterpreted the last part of Shakira’s message.

The Colombian wrote to close her “flying high” message with the intention of wishing her much more success in her career, and what we did not expect was that her followers and those of Vives thought for a moment that the bachatero was dead. And it is that “flying high” is a very common expression in farewell and condolence messages and it has inevitably confused his fans.

So, despite the fact that she only wanted to praise her talent and dedication, in her message messages such as “Almost gave me something with the high fly” are interspersed; “Me reading the comments to find out if he’s dead… With this high volley he almost sent him to the other side” and “We’re so used to waiting for people to die to recognize his work , that we all thought he was dead”, with others who They only want to congratulate the Colombian.

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