A month ago Jennifer Stone y David DeLuise (Harper Finkle y Jerry Russo in Wizards of Weverly Place) embarked on the adventure of launching their own Podcast in which they would review the cultural impact of the series of disney channel at the same time they traveled back in time by seeing it again a decade after its end, telling anecdotes behind the cameras and interviewing its protagonists.

In the very progress of the podcast and in the description of the project on the platforms, it was already warned that Selena Gomez (who for years played teenager Alex Russo in fiction) would be one of the guests. Said and Done: Wizards of Waverly Pod Episode 4 was released just a few hours ago in the middle of the disappearance of the singer from social networks after the controversy in which Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner were involved; which hasn’t stopped different snippets from managing to go viral on different social networks.

One of the statements that had the most impact from the singer, who faced this telematics interview after a three-hour therapy session, was her reflection on the biggest regret of her career: “Probably not having kept in touch with you, I wasn’t really…I think little by little I started to feel ashamed of the decisions I was making and I didn’t want you to see me the way I was…because A, you would have told me the truth, which terrified me and B, I didn’t want to disappoint you”.

A space of sincerity and vulnerability in which the actress and singer also explained how she remembers the years in which she recorded the series as the best of her life: “I don’t even know how to start talking to you about it without making it a moment of tears. I feel like it was the happiest moment of my whole life and i don’t want this to be interpreted as a negative thought because i’m very grateful and i’m happy, but it’s true that it was the happiest moment for me. It was a really pure moment.”

An interview in which her father and her friend in the series also took the opportunity to reveal that they had never been to a Selena Gomez concert because she had never invited them and they wanted him to get away with it, not to become the kind of person who had to chase after him and seem interested.

A cast meeting that left no one indifferent, awakening the feeling of nostalgia in thousands of children and teenagers who grew up watching Wizards of Weverly Place. The magic of the Russo family has brought father and daughter together again and I hope to see them again soon at a Selena concert.

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