anuel aa He is a character in his own right and a good proof of this is that he talks about himself in the third person. That’s what he did on social media to raise a question that appears to be a reaction to the album by Karl G. in which the Colombian throws several pullitas at him. All you have to do is listen to the song with Shakira to notice the darts.

And it is that the couple was engaged until he was unfaithful to the bichota with Yailin Most Viral with whom he ended up getting married and breaking up in record time. Now they are expecting a baby together, but with an uncertain future as a couple. In fact, there are rumors for all tastes. That he reconciled with his wife, that he did it with Karol G and that he was at his birthday party. Time will tell.

The fact is that Shakira and Karol G decided to charge their breakups and Anuel interpreted it by taking her to his land. Or at least that’s what we deduce after seeing one of his latest posts.


Along with several photos and videos of him in the gym, he posed a question: “FRIENDLY DEBATE: What is the reason why ANUEL AA is so unforgettable???????”. In case he lacked inspiration, he offered some answers himself: “POSSIBLE THEORIES: A.) THE PEARL B.) THE LANGUAGE C.) INCREDIBLE SEX D.) ALL OF THE FOLLOWING”.

And as we already know that he is not the type to keep quiet about things, he replied before waiting for opinions: “MY OPINION IS THAT this pearl has made me the most unforgettable man ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!! mill #comporazones “.

It seems that not everyone agrees with him and they understand that for Karol G it is more than forgotten, only that it is time to charge. The thing is, they gave it away everywhere.

  • The real theory: Intelligence, SHE is only Billing
  • I think none of your theories, haha ​​they kicked you out!!
  • It’s hard when your ex girlfriend has 100 million views in 3 days you gotta join this sound
  • But what’s the pain if she already has a boyfriend
  • Don’t believe that much! She just charges! Now the ferxxo is eating her and she looks full!
  • Get out of this cloud

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