The anime of “A play“He has been simmering big battles for weeks and weeks: Sanji vs. Quuen, Zoro vs. King, and Luffy vs. Kaido, mostly. On the other hand, it must be said that some time ago there were also leaks that May was going to be very special for followers of Eiichiro Oda. Now, it seems to be something that’s starting to fit in with the anime streaming, since it’s start promoting the ultimate battle between Sanji and Queen.

One Piece is preparing its anime for the conclusion of the fight between Sanji and Queen

It’s no joke, Japanese TV is already promoting the conclusion of the battle like it was a big sporting event. Then you can see the special video dedicated to him (via new world artur):

But that’s not all, because for those who can’t get enough of a simple video teaser, They also created an image:

And now write all there is to know about How is this month of May going? for “One Piece”:

  • To begin with, what the final battle between Sanji and Queen will take place this same Sunday, May 7. Come on, if you’re a mega fan of the leader of One Piece, this is the episode you can NOT miss with a lot of difference with this last one (and look, there were some interesting things with Sanji).
  • On the other hand, it is to be assumed that at most this final battle could last another episode, and it is that in a principle must also be the conclusion of the clash between King and Zoro in these next few weeks.
  • After all, between estimates and leaks for a long time it was concluded that Luffy’s New Power-Up Won’t Appear Until Summer. In other words, between the end of Sanji and Zoro’s fights, and Luffy finally starting to rev up his engines against Kaido, we’ll probably have to wait until July/August to see the Straw Hats’ captain at his most hyped moment. in years.

It is obvious that we also have a few months left of Wano in the anime, but when I say months it is precisely because the conclusion is gradually approaching. After allthe manga has been in a later phase for many months, which Oda-sensei himself defined as the beginning of the home stretch of “One Piece”. In any case, what has been said: watch out for the month of May which begins with this Sunday and Sanji, because the anime is about to explode.

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