The Bridgertons Spin-Off Steals All Importance From Netflix’s Release List

I was shocked to see that Netflix only prepared 4 premieres for this week. Por mucho que sea festivo en algunos países (ni mucho menos a nivel internacional), existenten dos options: o bien la plataforma de streaming really ha reducido la cantidad de content que estrena cada semana, o bien el resto de lanzamientos se comunica el martes o Wednesday. Anyway, for the moment I will tell you about the 4 Netflix premieres that will arrive between May 1 and May 7, 2023 and which are confirmed.

The Tailor – May 2, 2023

Turkish drama of those who love so much Antenna 3 (there are already many Turkish series), but adapted to the usual format of netflix (fewer chapters of shorter duration). A tailor begins to sew a wedding dress for his best friend’s bride. But all three have dark secrets that will soon turn their lives upside down.

Queen Charlotte: A Story of the Bridgertons – May 4, 2023

Undoubtedly, the great premiere of netflix this week, the first spin-off of Los Bridgerton. And it couldn’t have been better, because to the positive reviews (even better than those garnered by the two seasons of the original series) is added a most attractive cast (India Ria Amarteifio, Golda Rosheuvel there michelle fairleyamong others) and the work of Shonda Rimes as a writer and creator. Remember, this works as a prequel, so you’ll be interested in how fresh the first two seasons of Los Bridgerton (see here).

The Sumo Apprentice – May 4, 2023

Japanese martial arts film directed by Kan Eguchi and featuring Wataru Ichinose there Shiori Kutsuna, among others. If you’re into the genre, I guess you’ll like it, but it doesn’t seem like a must-watch movie, far from it.

A desperate badass turns into a sumo wrestler, beguiling fans with his arrogance and shaking the foundations of an industry steeped in tradition. A story of overcoming, rooted in the most conventional drama.

The Sumo Apprentice, a new Japanese production from Netflix

Larva: The Family – May 4, 2023

After 4 seasons and 286 episodes, Larvaone of the most successful children’s animated series of netflix and entirely produced in South Korea, presents its first spin-off: larva: family. With the arrival of a baby caterpillar, Red there YELLOW they learn to be parents at a forced march, at the same time as they have fun teaching him dirty things. The irreverent humor of the original series is maintained, a fiction that works halfway between a sequel and a spin-off.

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