The official release date and time of the scans are still unknown. red fall, but they have to jump anytime since the game will be released tomorrow May 2 for Xbox and PC platforms. However, it has rarely happened that media or content creators have early access to the game in order to share their opinion. they shared it before the time indicated by Xbox in advance.

Well, although the occasion in which this happens is rare, this time with Redfall has passed, and more than once, which is even more surprising. And that is that while it’s true that the time the reviews officially came out was unknown, the fact that only one or two reviews came out and no more indicates that these showed up since no specialized press will be left without taking its analysis of the game at the time of their release.

Early reviews of Redfall

Been idle sloth who shared Twitter one of the two opinions that have been put forward for Red fall:

  • This belongs to a portal called Noisy pixel. You can see it in this linkalthough you can’t read the review because they deleted it after continuing (yes, they saved the text in this link)
  • It turns out that the score for this analysis is a 4 out of 10, that is to say a rather low note
  • “Redfall is an anomaly because a game with such a good team behind it can’t be that bad, and yet it is” ensure the revision
  • “The single-player campaign is boring, but the multiplayer campaign could provide some fun times of laughing at weird AI behavior or the fact that no one can find the keys to a door” concludes the analysis

But all is not so bad

The gate COGConnected He also shared his analysis, which has an average of 78 out of 100, which is a much more decent rating (although many expect higher ratings to match the talent of the studio, which is Arkane). “I had a lot of fun playing Redfall, both alone and with friends. (…) All the characters are interesting to play and the monsters are varied. Still, Redfall does not revolutionize the shooter in the world open, or even really evolve Arkane Austin’s already familiar formula. Redfall feels like the product of a reliable game plan that needs updating” says the analysis.

What do you think? Do you think the game will just be entertaining but not revolutionize anything? I read you in the comments! In any case, we will soon see how the analyzes went.

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