This Monday we were able to experience the reunion of the couples six months after the recording of the sixth edition of island of temptations. lydia there Manual They are still together as they left the show. Noemie there Adrian A second chance was given to them. alexander there Marina They got back together until they broke up again at this meeting. Laura now lives with saul. Yes Helen there David They went from love to hate.

After the show started, a new format on MiTele Plus, Tentertainment after the show in which Sandra Barneda made many confessions with Marthe Penate, cuqui jimenez there Jesus Bolin. Some personal, like the emotional state in which she recorded the last two editions that made us see her more vulnerable than ever.

“I will always record island of temptations I think: ‘Let’s see what Sandra I’ll have’, because there emotions are managed. You are with them, you see it at the stake and I am emptying myself, I always try to help you when you are there”, he began by explaining.

“I was emotionally devastated, which was difficult for me and it was very difficult to record. Here I give you an exclusive, I never said it”, he assured, “it’s complicated on TV, when you’re working and you’re sick… I was heartbroken. And I’m still pro-love, because it was often hard to hold on.”

confession of infidelity

One of the things that characterize island of temptations are infidelities. It’s hard to get rid of it. In this regard, Sandra Barneda confessed to having been unfaithful all her life.

“In my early years, well, yeah, of course I couldn’t be faithful,” he added, asking to change the subject as he was “blushing.”

the famous tablet

Beyond how she experienced it, Sandra also revealed some mysteries of the program. One of the great protagonists of the format is the tablet. A viewer wanted to know if it turned on automatically or if there was someone pressing the button.

We don’t have a remote and it doesn’t activate. Do a copy-paste. Someone enters, these moments of tension, he activates it quickly, we wait a few seconds and it starts, ”confessed the host.

next editions

Sandra also had a request for future editions. “To me I would like, if there is a next season, someone to say: “I don’t want to see the photos with the group” and that the whole group leaves, ”he left on the table.

“I think so because I would too. I would go with the suitcase and say “I don’t want the band” because a lot of times when they didn’t realize it, the group contaminates. So I don’t want anyone to see the footage,” he explained.

“As a result, there were some who seemed to add fuel to the fire,” he confessed.

Marta Peñate’s pumps

Marta Peñate also dropped a bombshell, for example, that Marina got involved with a bachelor who isn’t even ManuEast Miguel Hoyos, the two tempters he got closest to during the show. But they didn’t reveal the name, they leave that for the final debate.

He also said that Naples I had asked Adrian for a job. Sandra asked her for the answer. “Fuck you, of course, or something like that.“says Martha. Another topic of discussion.

It is clear that there is still a lot of unfinished business.

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