‘You can eat my p…’: Ana Rosa cuts live interview after her unusual response

‘You can eat my p…’: Ana Rosa cuts live interview after her unusual response

The Ana Rosa program It seemed to be going normally this Tuesday, April 25, but an anonymous interview with its presenter changed everything. So much so that Ana Rosa Quintana was forced to cut the live call.

Everything happened after connecting with Roger, a young man who would have experienced firsthand a totally unusual situation on a Barcelona bus. Apparently the driver expelled a passenger after several sexist remarks. The show had connected with him to find out more about the facts and thus get them to the viewers.

What neither Ana Rosa nor her team expected Roger to end up posting a response that would result in the call being cut off immediately. As he seemed about to share his views, he said a “can you eat my dick” which caused the presenter to immediately cut off her statements and, therefore, the connection.

As expected, the networks were filled with comments of all kinds on the moment experienced this Tuesday in the Telecinco program. “My God, the surreal situation that just happened in the Ana Rosa program,” says a viewer. “I’m freaking out,” adds another user. “You have to admit that the guy knows how to keep his cool until the right moment. Great timing,” says another anonymous.

The truth is that why Roger decided to give this answer to Ana Rosa is unknown, although many say that his patience could have run out after the time he had to wait before going live. . Either way, what’s clear is that his words didn’t take long to make the rounds on social media.

And you do you think?

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