Natalia Lacunza has become in recent years one of the most special voices on the national scene. Two EPs, his first album it must be for me and a good handful of singles and collaborations (Aitana, Ana Mena, María Escarmiento, Shego or Guitarricadelafuente are some of the artists with whom the singer has collaborated) support her after five years in the industry as one of the artists with the most projection in this 2023.

About to experience its first festival of the year, as one of the names of the Warm Up Festival, Natalia Lacunza has been warning us for weeks that new songs and music are coming closer. “Some songs are coming… they’re so cute, like a soft plush… fun, fresh and sensitive like us“, he published on his Twitter account at the end of March, in addition to sharing with his fans that he had been experiencing many meetings and appointments for a few weeks.

However, a few hours ago, heSocial media was on again when the Pamplona shared a tweet from a follower in which a fragment of an unreleased song appeared which he interpreted during his concert in Barcelona in February, and which his fans have already been able to listen to on more than one occasion. It is Staya song in which we can hear him mixing English and Spanish with an accompaniment of alternative and soft pop with electronic accents, so in vogue among artists in recent months.

Accompanied by video Natalia Lacunza only shared two emojis (face with covered mouth), a move he replicated on Instagram Stories and has become something of a common sight among his posts. A few days ago, quoted with three other emojis (the red face) the tweet of another follower who asked if we would have new music before the summer.

Everything seems to indicate that Natalia Lacunza’s new solo project is getting closer. This is not the first time his fans have shared Stay on social networks and it is not the only song of which we could see a small preview: a few weeks ago he shared with his brother Santiago (singer Diphda) a fragment of another song whose name we don’t knowbut for which the fans were also interested among the reactions to the publication of the singer.

Natalia has already shown us in 2023 that she is going strong, and we are more than ready.

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