Ruggero: “I love being an actor, but I wanted people to know me as a singer”

Ruggero: “I love being an actor, but I wanted people to know me as a singer”

From Argentina to the world. Ruggero recently released the first single from their new musical era, brunette, and he wanted to present it at the LOS40 Global Show. The singer went to Hits Radio’s Central Studios to chat with Tony Aguilar about this song, but also about what’s coming soon. Don’t miss this interview!

‘Morocha’, his new single

“This song opens the doors to a new scene. I’m not going to think of a record concept, but I’m going to try to release single after single, one song per month.. It is a modality that I had never practiced and it is good to try. brunette I did it with the MYA. It’s nice to collaborate with them again musically.”

From black and white to color

“That first single is about that drunkenness, of not remembering that encounter, but visually it’s a black and white music video that tells of my confusion in my brain and my heart. And the next song is different, d “Other things are happening. We’ll see if it’s in color…”

The concert in Madrid

In Madrid I will be next May 4 in the Moby Dick Club room. I’m so happy. After the Coca-Cola Music Experience, I didn’t play in Madrid anymore. Very happy with all my songs and excited.”

The success of the Argentinian summer

Let’s go to the beach It was a song designed for the summer of Argentina. It was a new experience to join Migrantes and Oscu. The song had those vibes for the summer and to see if it returns for the European summer. Migrants are workers and they deserve everything that happens to them.”

To be or not to be an actor

“Hasta el año pasado dije que no a varias cosas. Estuve haciendo una serie en Argentina, pero este año, quizás con esta modalidad de sacar sencillo tras sencillo, pueda tomarme un tiempo para volver a actuar. Es algo que amo, ¿por qué dejarlo? Lo que sí quería era priorizar la parte de la música. Tardé mucho tiempo en que la gente will recognize me as Ruggero el cantante. Llegado a este punto, está bueno volver a actuar, pero hasta no llegar a eso me parecía inúltil volver para behind”.

If you want to see Ruggero’s full interview at the LOS40 Global Show…¡dale al play!

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