The relation between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ended a few weeks ago, although there is no official confirmation from either party at this time. They formed one of the best couples in the music industry and formed a formidable sentimental and musical tandem.

So much so that during their dating, they both signed superb songs on which they worked together, albeit under the pseudonym of William Bowery: Exile and Betty (Folklore), Champagne Problems, Coney Island and Evermore (Evermore) and Sweet Nothing (Midnights).

But Alwyn was also an inspiration for her songs, being odes to love that will last through time. Public pronouncements that the faster universe could and will forever enjoy.

Here are some of the songs we all performed that were Taylor for Joe:


There’s little doubt with this title on a song that celebrates finding your better half. The music video is a statement of intent about the different stages a relationship inevitably goes through.

The singer defined it this way during an interview: “You hope that if someone is going to choose you, they will choose you with all the pain of the past and that you will do the same for the other person.”

End of Game

Taylor Swift’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran, with which they continued the story they had begun a decade earlier, also had a very clear and direct declaration of love from the American soloist’s own writing in collaboration with the British interpreter.

Experts on both sides of the pond say it may be the best song on Reputation. But End Game is not just that. This is the most special and long-awaited collaboration of two great musicians who are also friends, and this complicity is evident when it comes to tackling a subject that is close to my heart: “I can’t let you go, your handprint is on my soul. It’s like your eyes are alcohol, it’s like your body is gold,” the lyrics can be heard.

lavender mist

“I came across this phrase when I was watching Mad Men, and I looked it up because I thought it was cool, and it turns out it was a common phrase used in the 1950s to explain being in love. If you were in a Lavender Haze, that meant you were in this all-encompassing bubble of love, and I thought that was really beautiful. And I think, theoretically, when you’re in that state, you would do whatever you can to stay there, not let anyone bring down that cloud. A lot of people have to deal with this now, not just “public figures”, because we live in the age of social media and if the world finds out that you’re in love with someone, they’re going to go (…) So this song is about the act of ignoring all that in order to protect what is really true”, explained Taylor Swift.

White and bottled considering the couple had just cemented their relationship publicly.


Peace was one of the most amazing songs in folklore. A theme in which Taylor Swift made a common claim with dozens of music stars to achieve a balance between private and public life.

“But I’m a fire, and I’ll keep your fragile heart warm / If your cascading ocean wave blues come / All these people think love is for show / But I’d die for you in secret / The devil is in the details, but you got a friend in me / Would it be enough if I could never give you peace?” canta Taylor Swift en este hit.

London boy, gorgeous, tricky, dancing with his hands tied, getting dressed up, ready for it or King of my heart were some of the other songs that inspired Taylor Swift.

It remains to be seen if the loss of their love will pay off in new breakup songs. Although we now know that the artist is not only good at singing heartbreak.

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