Karl G. she has become one of those artists who cannot ring the bell at parties. His songs have become synonymous with good vibes, rhythm and lots of twerking. Although there are also those we all need to hear in the darkest times.

But before the Colombian became a reference on the urban music scene, He flooded his career with other songs that may not have been heard as much as current songs but built what is known today as La Bichota. Songs that fans who have been with him for years celebrate every time they hear them.

As compiled by Twitter user @andres_20, the interpreter of tomorrow will be beautiful It has a wide musical repertoire, in which you will surely find a song that you have come across on digital platforms or on the radio. What are these most unknown Karol G songs that also played at parties?

For starters, we can’t ignore Princess featuring Tini, a song released in 2018 that brought us some of the catchiest moombahton sounds. How many times have you listened to it?

Let’s also not forget the remix of Calypso with Luis Fonsi, the song that has undoubtedly been sung and danced over the summer. Up to those tropical beats!

Want you It was another theme that marked the beginning of Karol’s rise to fame. The song is included in his first studio album unstoppablereleased in October 2017.

Gradually, the Colombian won the affection of other industry leaders. This is the case of Gloria Trevi, whom she joined in Hijuepu*#a subject full of spite and messages dedicated to the person who broke his heart.

Approaching the present and we have reached X, the theme that the artist shares with Jonas Brothers and which, without a doubt, surprised his fans. Did you expect one day to find yourself with this musical union? But they did not disappoint.

The Colombian had more to offer us, and to fill Girl Power’s digital platforms, she joined Nathy Peluso in bad cat. A hymn for all those girls who want to forget the pain of love and the person who broke their heart.

After unstoppablehis album has arrived Ocean, which undoubtedly contains songs that marked a before and after in his career. And it is that although many have heard them, others do not know that their author is the bichota herself. One of them is Pineapple, who never missed a party. But there is even more.

It’s impossible to circle Karol G’s career and ignore My bedthe international hit that placed the Colombian’s name among the biggest promises in the industry, which quickly became a benchmark.

Other songs fondly remembered by his most loyal fans are The Lady with Cosculluela, with moombahton sounds and urban vibes that take you straight to the dance floor.

Last but not least, we can’t forget Alone is better with Yandar and Yostin, a song that is part of their album KG0516 and which has become the soundtrack of his fans.

And you, have you heard each of these songs?

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