This year’s Florida legislative session ends May 5. In recent weeks, state lawmakers have approved numerous laws, including some highly controversial ones that already have the governor’s signature. Many analysts expect Ron DeSantis to announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination after the session.

Some of the issues the legislature has faced during this session have made headlines for the governor not just in Florida but nationally, including his battle with Disney, an issue he picked up on today. today at a press conference.

“The Walt Disney Company is not superior to the laws of Florida,” said Governor DeSantis, who is not giving up on this issue.

This Monday at a press conference, he announced that the state legislature is preparing a proposal to ensure that the company can no longer govern itself despite agreements that give Disney powers beyond the law. approved last year in extraordinary session.

Telemundo 51 political analyst Mike Hernández explains that “Governor DeSantis had to keep going because otherwise his conservative base was going to say you lost this battle…you’ve got former President Trump laughing at you.” these heights to say, ‘Well, I’ve lost this battle'”.

The political analyst emphasizes that it is ultimately a confrontation with private enterprise. “At the end of the day, they’re going to say that the action you’ve taken against Disney is preventing a company from using its First Amendment right. I don’t think that’s going to help them domestically, on the contrary, I think it’s going to help them. will hurt.”

Another risky issue in a presidential election is the restriction of abortion. El gobernador firmó el proyecto de ley para prohibirlo a de las seis semanas -tarde en la noche sin cámaras de video o un evento para la prensa-, rodeado de personas que apoyan la nueva ley, pero este momento pudiera costarle entre los independientes y the women.

“A majority, a large majority, more than 60% of voters in this country support, not without restriction, but they support a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion,” the experts explain.

For all this, a recent survey by Public Opinion Strategies shows that the Governor has an advantage over Donald Trump in a general election against President Biden, especially in swing states, i.e. they can lean towards one side or the other, such as Pennsylvania. and Arizona, but many polls still give mixed numbers.

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