Over the past few hours, Uber and Lyft drivers have shown their displeasure over low pay and demonstrated across South Florida seeking higher job pay.

Authorities made an arrest on Saturday, but on Monday drivers from Uber and Lyft companies demanded only “fair payments” and improvements to their conditions, alleging that “it’s 40% for us and 60% for them”.

Drivers like Hernan Toyran argue for better payments and terms, “they charge more to the customer and less money to the driver (driver) who is the one who puts the car in.”

For his part, Leonel Castellanos, declares “here, we all pay for our car insurance. In addition you have to pay for the tires, the petrol is quite expensive and now it’s lost”.

“Before, I worked six hours, I worked five days a week and I earned more than today working eight hours seven days a week,” explains Lilia Peña, driver from Miami.

A discontent that filled the spirits on Saturday evening the demonstrations in a parking lot of the Miami international airport led to the arrest of Ariel Sánchez by the police.

The police report says the 50-year-old was demonstrating with other subjects who were trying to block the exit of those who did not want to join the protest.

In a press release, Uber responded that “driver earnings on the platform continue to be strong. On average, a driver earns $27 per hour when active on the app in Miami. Before accepting the ride, all drivers can view price and destination information for each ride.”

While for its part, Lyft said that “they care and care about the drivers. That’s why they introduced the program upfront payment in Miami so they can have more travel and income information before accepting a trip. That’s why we’ve expanded our incentive program by giving money to help drivers fill up.

Drivers said they don’t agree with what the companies say because they don’t improve on what they’re asking for, so on April 28 there will be simultaneous protests in cities like Miami , Los Angeles, New York and Tampa.

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