How long have there been rumors of a DLC about Ring of the Ancients? Well, for over a year, that is since the game was released. Many have bet that one day they will expand their world and their story, and in recent months it has become an open secret.

But bandai namco he was made to beg. They never announced any DLC, although they did they released an update to add the Colosseum, that although it was not an expansion, it was one of the supposed contents of the DLC.

For many, this has opened the door to soon they were going to announce an expansion of Elden Ring. A few more months have passed since then, and finally today, February 28, 2023, was the long-awaited day for fans of this masterpiece. You know, as always, I leave you all the details known so far below.

Elden Ring already has DLC in the works

was his Official Elden Ring Twitter Account the one who shared the news that caught the whole community off guard:

  • In summary: yes, they announced a DLC of the game
  • The name of the DLC is Shadow of the Erdtree
  • They assured that is already in development but they didn’t say the arrival date
  • Nor is it that they’ve given any details about the DLC beyond the fact that they expect us to live “new adventures”

What could Shadow of Elden Ring include?

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