William Murray “Trip” Hawkins, the former founder and CEO of Electronic Arts and head of strategy at Apple, has signed on as the new chief strategy officer at Spanish studio Games for a Living to develop titles on the Web3. Hawkins comes to the company to nurture the team with his vision and experience in the field to strengthen the reach and market penetration strategies of his games, which run on the blockchain.

“I am excited to begin my journey with Games for a living, leveraging new and emerging technologies to improve performance and create exciting and immersive experiences for gamers,” says Hawkins. “I am convinced that blockchain technology, combined with our vision, can create a new gaming paradigm for the benefit of all.”

Prior to founding and leading Electronic Arts until its IPO, he worked closely with Steve Jobs to design and develop the fundamental methods by which the public would come to embrace computers and video games.

Games for a Living is currently developing titles that work on the bnb channel focusing on the eSports environment, so it wouldn’t be strange if we soon had news of a new strategy and a new project in this regard now that Hawkins is in the team.

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