Without a doubt, the most anticipated premiere is season 2 of Sweet Tooth: The deer boy

This week’s Netflix releases (April 24 to 30, 2023) once again leaves a sorry panoramawith few interesting releases (does not stand out strongly the second season of Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy) and lots of padding. In this article you will find the best premieres marked with a brief description. Which are you most looking forward to?

Netflix will air on April 25, 2023

A documentary in which they talk michelle obama there Oprah Winfrey and a comedy special just for fans of John Mulaney (come on, for Americans). A few things.

  • With Her Own Light: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey (TV special).
  • John Mulaney Baby J (TV special).

Netflix premieres April 26, 2023

love after love

Biographical series that tells the story of Fito Paez, a Spanish music star you may not know, but who was a legend in Argentina. In this production, makers review more than 40 years, demonstrating how the figure of Páez changed the history of popular music.

Love after love is a biographical series on the figure of Fito Páez

the good bad mother

another korean series (almost every week a couple arrives), in this case about a prosecutor who suffers an accident and loses almost all his mental capacities. From, he and his mother will be forced to rebuild their relationship from the ground up.

Netflix premieres April 27, 2023

Sweet Tooth Season 2: The Deer Boy

The impact caused by the premiere of Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy in 2021 even if its audience data were not to get carried away. This series created by Jim Mickle there Beth Schwartz It’s amazing, it’s inspired by the comics of CC and returns with a second season which promises to be more and more beautiful. How not to want it?

Season 2 – Part 2 of Dancing with the Fireflies

Netflix has decided to split the second (and last?) season of Dance of the Fireflies into two partsand now is the time to get the final chapters so we can find out what happens in a plot left wide open months ago.

Other Netflix releases on April 27, 2023

  • The nurse (Series).
  • The Matchmaker (Movie).
  • Tibucan Season 3 (Animated series).
aka netflix movie
A special ops agent faces a moral dilemma when he infiltrates a criminal organization and befriends the boss’ son. It’s true Alias

Netflix premieres April 28, 2023

A French film (A.k.a) which starts from an interesting premise and a Taiwanese series that will go completely unnoticed; be friday, a boring weekend coming to netflix.

  • A.k.a (Movie).
  • power waves (Series).

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