Duki helps a fan overcome an almost impossible challenge

Duki helps a fan overcome an almost impossible challenge

Duki He is one of the artists who has most demonstrated an unbreakable bond with his followers. Indeed, a few days ago, he showed on stage that the theft of a fan’s mobile phone in the middle of a concert had affected him a lot. “If I had seen the person, I swear I would grab her hair and pull her out,” the Argentine told the girl affected by the live robbery.

But there is even more. Through social media, Duki was able to connect with fans all over the world. He therefore took the opportunity to get even closer to them. Now our protagonist has once again brought out his closest and most natural side, but this time to help a fan who wanted to get a Leo Messi football shirt.

It all happened on April 22 when user @markerrr32 shared a screenshot on Twitter of his conversation with a football jersey account. The young man asks him how many likes his tweet must get to win Lionel’s kit. They reply that 400,000 likes are enough to get Messi’s replacement shirt in 2006, but with 18 subscribers, the mission was almost impossible.

The young man seemed to have forgotten to get it until his message reached Duki and he decided to help him get the shirt. In addition to retweeting the tweet, he shares it and adds his own message: “Mesi parl kid daleee shirt,” he said on his Twitter account. Thanks to the Argentinian’s support, the likes have now reached over 350,000. There’s nothing left!

As expected, the message of the interpreter of Givenchy was quick to revolutionize his fans. “Best fucking,” one said. “I love you,” adds another. “I love you duko, you are the best”, launches another anonymous on the networks.

It’s clear that Duki has won the love of millions of people, and it’s no coincidence considering the actions he does for them, showing them that support is mutual.

And you, how would you have reacted to Duki’s help?

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