The platform is once again making its contribution to Japanese series, bringing a selection as varied as it is curious.

After the start of AnimeBoxthe new anime streaming platform created by Selecta Visión, the level of competitiveness among companies in the entertainment sector is higher than ever. Other entities such as Disney+ and HIDIVE are getting their act together when it comes to securing exclusive licenses, so Netflix couldn’t be left behind.

This service’s last few months haven’t really stood out for its anime support, but its plan for the coming weeks is more promising. I will highlight them all below The Japanese anime series that will arrive on Netflix throughout the month of Mayand personally I think this selection is not bad.

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

We started strong. Netflix wanted to start this new month in style by including one of the most popular anime of all time in its catalog. At the moment it is possible to take advantage TO DO Naruto and even of the first 196 episodes of Naruto Shippudenboth in VOSE and with Spanish dubbing. Amazing!


Guided by the demon spirit that inhabits him, orphaned Naruto learns to control his powers like a ninja in this animated adventure series.


Ultraman (final season)

ultraman april 2

Despite the fact that anime fans generally don’t like CGI too much, it must be recognized that Production IG is not doing anything wrong with it. Ultraman. This series has always been very well received by the public (especially Japanese), and it will arrive soon his last seasonwhich will end his story.


Decades ago, a star hero left this world in peace. Now Ultraman’s son must take action and protect Earth from a new alien threat.


Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune


On Netflix, there is also room for the most modest and unknown productions. Personally, I had no idea what it was. Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune until I saw it announced by the platform, and in fact it is the second production of the ARECT studio (the authors of Bright: Samurai Soul). Will this sci-fi series be successful?


With Earth colonized by a superior alien civilization, Akira has only one chance for a better future: to enlist as a Yakitori soldier.


Bonus track: Vinland Saga Season 2 (continued)

Vinland Saga

And how could it be otherwise, Netflix will continue to air the following episodes of the second season of Vinland Saga each week (at the same time as Crunchyroll). Thorfinn’s story will continue in May and promises to leave us with many memorable moments.


Askeladd murdered Thorfinn’s father. Now the young man secretly joins Askeladd’s band of mercenaries in search of revenge.


And here is the news from Netflix for the month of May, At least for the moment. As far as I know, no more premieres will be produced in its anime section, although given the way the platform usually communicates with the media, nor I exclude that they can surprise us with another announcement soon.

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