The fact that Call of Duty Warzone It’s a successful game today, it’s something completely indisputable. With millions of players playing every day, many of them set goals that they hope to achieve with each game they start. Today a player successfully killed an enemy at a distance that seems almost impossible to believe while using his sniper rifle.

It was the perfect Warzone shot from an unimaginable distance

  • The player who shared his own exploit via the Reddit forum, responds on behalf of “Virtual Projectile”.
  • As seen in the video, the player ends the life of a enemy which is nothing more and nothing less than 1,307 meters.
  • Most amazing of all is not the distance itself, but also the fact that he knocks him down with the first blow and hits him in the head.
  • As we can see, the player It didn’t take long to receive thousands of compliments by the Warzone community.
  • A lot They think he broke the world record having eliminated the enemy at this distance.

When it comes to immersing yourself in a game like Warzone, It is not only important to know how to drive, but also to know how to choose the best weapons in the game before entering the battlefield. What is more than clear in the case of this player is that he has one of the best sniper rifles and now many others have it as an example to try to achieve a similar feat.

Personally, I find it amazing how many feats Warzone players are able to pull off in so many games. I’m usually not very good at battle royales, but to be honest, I always try to find a way when playing some of them.

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