Ten people, including nine children, were killed Saturday night in a crash involving at least 13 vehicles on Interstate 65 in Alabama, which has felt the ravages of tropical depression Claudette this weekend.

Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock said one of the vehicles likely slid on the wet roads, causing a chain reaction of crashes.

Garlock added that eight minors, aboard a passenger bus, were killed when the vehicle collided with another car in front of them and then burst into flames.

The minors on the bus were part of the Alabama Sheriff’s Youth Ranch and ranged in age from 4 to 17. Their names have not been released as of yet.

The bus driver was rescued by a bystander but when the person returned for the children, he was unable to enter the vehicle due to flames.

In the multiple accident, a 29-year-old man, identified as Cody Fox, and his 9-month-old baby, Ariana, also died. The father was pronounced dead at the scene and the girl died at the Greenville Regional Medical Center.

Both were in an SUV with two or three people. The mother of the baby was taken to the hospital in serious condition, probably with broken bones.

In addition to the bus, three other vehicles caught fire in the crash. Cox’s SUV was not one of them.

Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond said several people were also injured.

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