The Italian police of Arese, north province of Milan, detained a Mexican citizen accused of homicide against his wife and intent strangling his eldest son.

According to local media, the 41-year-old subject, identified as Jaime Moisés Rodríguez Díaz, murdered his wife, Silvia Susana Villegas Guzmán, 48, in the early hours of Saturday.

After that, they say, he went to the hall of the home where his 18-year-old son was to whom he confessed the crime: “I killed your mother and now it’s your turn.”

So he proceeded to hang him with a nylon belt; The young man tried to defend himself, however, he was knocked unconscious due to lack of air. Fortunately, he was able to recover as soon as the police arrived with the rescue team.

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After the crimes, Jaime Moisés tried to commit suicide in the bathroom with a kitchen knife, but he failed in the attempt and only caused injuries that warranted admission to hospital from Garbagnate, of which he was discharged hours later.

From there, police elements transferred him to the San Vittore prison, where he is currently being held, but he has not made any statement. In the next few days an autopsy will be carried out on the woman’s body to determine the exact cause of her death.

According to the accounts, the couple migrated with their three children a month ago to the Italian province, but, despite the fact that the man found a job in a factory, he was fired due to his violent character.

This behavior would have affected the family environment in the same way, causing regular disputes and frictions among the members, mainly, with the son whom he tried to kill.

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