Microsoft is not at all happy with the performance of Xbox and its games, according to a well-known insider

Microsoft is not at all happy with the performance of Xbox and its games, according to a well-known insider

One thing is clear, and that’s to recognize that those first two and a half years of this generation weren’t as good for Xbox as the other years. They released few big exclusives compared to Nintendo and PlayStation, and it’s not something that I pulled out of my sleeve by reading three miscounted posts on Twitter, but it’s more something that Possess Phil Spencer admitted. The positive part is that at least this year they are already planning to launch red fall there star field, which are two great titles that aim to be a success.

And we must also remember that the company has in its favor one of the best video game services of all, which is Xbox Game Pass. Even so, perhaps they should work harder to fill the large Xbox Series catalog with great exclusives. And according to a very famous journalist, it seems that possess Microsoft he thinks the same of his Xbox division and they are not happy at all.

Microsoft is not happy with the Xbox

This was taken up in Reddit, and it’s directly related to something we’ve already discussed today.

  • Who spoke on this topic is Jeff Grubb, who is a well-known journalist not only for his work, but also for having leaked a lot of information related to video games successfully
  • He answered in a podcast the question “Is Microsoft happy with the state of Xbox? » saying that can say no, only in Microsoft they are unhappy with the state of Xbox
  • It is then that he speaks of a piece of news that we have already given today, and that is that Hi-Fi Rush would not have generated the expected money, something that saddens me considering it’s a real game
  • Grubb says the fact that last year they didn’t release any of their own games made many regret having an Xbox today

If this is true, it would be obvious that Microsoft I wouldn’t be completely satisfied with the Xbox, but That doesn’t mean they’re going to get rid of the Xbox, far from it. which is a very crazy rumor that surfaced a while ago. If you ask me… no, I don’t regret having my Xbox at all. At least for now, of course.

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