Blanca Paloma could be the new Jamala, the new Salvador Sobral… But Europe is afraid

It wasn’t the favorite at all, but white dove he won Benidorm Party 2023 demonstrating that his proposal was much stronger than that of Agony (and his i want to burn) and of shooting night (with his My family). You can already hear all over Europe the ‘YYYY‘ and the legacy of the ‘yaya carmen‘ will be known by millions of viewers next Saturday May 13, 2023.

But the eurofandom was again optimistic: Spain will not win Eurovision 2023 as we say since white dove conquered Benidorm. Of course, white dove He will make Europe fall in love with his torrent of voice, his wonderful scenic proposition and his power on stage, but the chances of taking Liverpool by storm are dwindling.

Benidorm’s optimism

Benidorm party It’s a gift we don’t deserve eurofans, a space to discover the proposals that can represent us at Eurovision, with all the scenic ambition that a festival of these characteristics requires. But at the same time, It’s a poisoned gift: what you won in Spain, you don’t have to win in Europe. And the fever experienced by the EAEAconquer the jury and the public, may not be repeated at Liverpool next Saturday, May 13.

The misunderstanding of Europe

Will Europe understand a song as experimental as the EAEA? Because EAEA is not flamenco pure and simple, it is something else. It’s proof that genres have no limits, mixing here a bulería with an electronic base and a lot of beat. The EAEA will be a strange topic in the in progress order of Eurovision 2023 as it was 1944 of jamala oh love for two of Salvador Sobral. The question is whether Europe, without understanding what it is YYYYwill admit that is the winning proposition of the evening as a show, as a song and as a powerhouse on stage.

What if Blanca Paloma did not win Eurovision 2023? Is Europe made for a subject like the EAEA?

Disappointment from Liverpool?

Sorry if I sounded too pessimistic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: I remain optimistic and I think that white dove can compete with its main opponents, including flowers and his to come backor to Finland and its Cha Cha Cha.

But being honest with myself, I see his victory getting harder and harder. Not even the marvelous performances he developed in the preparties over the past few months managed to get the eurofandom more usual (yes, I’m talking about associations like OGAE or INFE) of an opportunity for a root proposal, with feeling and very artistic, preferring the umpteenth ballad (man, of course) from Italy, to french song from France, the commercial from Sweden or the ‘mamrucheo’ (In the best sense of the word) from Finland. Perhaps not much has changed since then. who drives my boat of Amaya Remedies with a ‘0 points’ all over the face. But we came back from the UK with our heads held high and a star under our arm.

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