Alvaro de Luna continues to release singles promoting his new work, following the success of everything with youthe young singer presents moving. a ballad more classic than the previous singles but which tries to continue in the same sound line as the previous works.

The singer is looking for a more aesthetic and sonorous sound oscillatethanks to the production of Paco Salazar he gets it in the best way.

There is no doubt that in this new stage, it honors classic groups that are part of the rock history. However, in this new composition, he carries a calmer rhythm. We can see how the theme begins in a ballad style, gains strength and evolves until reaching a Guitar solo.

The theme song, as usual Alvaro It is centered on love, the lyrics, entirely written by him, tell an idyllic love story. The chorus of the song reads as follows:

let me take care of your fears

tell me at night i love you

I’m still hanging on the hook

who clung to you and your hair

A song dedicated to your partner

Although it is not confirmed, for many people this song is dedicated to a special someone and everyone knows their first and last name. Even so, in an interview for LOS40 he didn’t give a straight answer, reiterating that “it’s a statement of intent in its own right.”

the song is a Ode to love and the romanticism that shows this new facet of the artist. The singer is doing well both artistically and emotionally. Currently, he is immersed in a relationship with the influencer Laura Scaneswho this song is probably dedicated to.

After doing wrong and everything with you Álvaro de Luna completes the three singles released so far, consolidating a new sound and offering songs that are a little more lively and hardcore than the previous ones. This new facet of the artist fits perfectly with his followers since the new singles accumulate millions of views on digital platforms.

Finally, the singer will play in various festivals throughout the summer such as the Boombastic de Asturias on July 22 and Alicante on August 17, where we can enjoy their live music. Also, it will be in StarliteMarbella with Marlon on August 8 and in the His Arenal August 6. All these dates in 2023 of course.

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