Last week, Melanie Olivares say goodbye to love is forever, the daily series in which we have been able to see her in recent months. But it wasn’t until a few hours ago that he decided to share the footage of that touching moment and explain why.

I don’t like goodbyes that’s why it took me 5 days to upload this videoit has been 8 months of frantic work, but with all the love and more than he could hope for”, he assured at the same time as the video in which we see how the team announces his departure and offers him a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

You gave me such a good time, thank you very much, you are the best“, she confided to her colleagues who never stopped applauding her.


This closes a stage in her professional life and she could not be more grateful. “Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole team at @amaresparasiempre, @antena3com, @diagonaltelevisio @enekobotana and @labueladeltechno for effort, talent and dedication“, He shared.

Of course, he reserved a few specific words for one of his colleagues: “And with a special mention, my cousin @itziar_miranda for supporting me, taking care of me and teaching me so much”.

A new project is knocking at its doors, also vintage, although much older. “I leave you with a heart full of love and I teleport to the 16th century. Nieves Sanabria will always be with me like all of you. @jorgeboschactor I will always love you. ,” he ended up sharing.

doubts with snow

And there was no shortage of comments to assure that his character, while he looked like a really bad villain, deep down wasn’t that bad. It just hurts your ambition. It is clear that, although brief, his character has permeated the public I have good memories of him.

“Ooohhhhh ,” she shared. Nuria Roca. Now we have to see what is the ending of Nieves that many are already wondering. Will they leave a farewell open in case he returns in the future?

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