Two soloists, one Latin and the other English, await their turn as candidates to enter the list. The Latin soloist is Tini, who runs with Cupid. The Argentinian singer very appropriately presented the single on Valentine’s Day, shortly before the release of his long-awaited fourth album, with the same title as the song. Months before he released another lead, like me with Maria Becerra. Regarding his new music, Tini said it reflects “a stage of great growth and personal discovery”.

His fans greeted the album with feverish enthusiasm. The album hit the 6.5 million views in its first 24 hours available, becoming the best debut by an Argentine artist in the history of Spotify. As for the single, more or less the same: record for a solo artist in a single day, with more than 1.2 million views. The video has already 36 million views on YouTube. If you want the arrows of Cupid make it blank on the list, support your entry with the HT #MiVoto40Tini.

After the parenthesis of Celestial, with whom he has been on the list, Ed Sheeran can now return to the chart by LOS40 with one of the songs from their upcoming album, To subtract. It is Eyes closed, a song “about losing someone, the feeling that every time you go out you expect to meet them, everything reminds you of them and the things they did together”, as he said . A song, therefore, which speaks of the loss and the lack of people who are no longer with us. “Holding back tears while my friends are away,” the lyrics go. The fact that he is preparing a posthumous album, to see the light of day after his death, gives us an idea of ​​the moment of introspection which goes through the redhead.

The last months of Ed Sheeran’s life were not easy on a personal level, due to the death of two of his best friends and the tumor his wife was diagnosed with while she was pregnant. she could not be operated on. until it gives out light. Normal that this sequence is found in the music of this composer who leaves his soul in each song. We will have to wait until May 5 listen fully to subtract, but for now Eyes closed —whose video has already been played 14 million times in less than a week—will be able to be heard on the list this Saturday if she receives the necessary support from the HT #MiVoto40EdSheeran.

Good luck to both of you!

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