We at Gamereactor visited Bandai Namco’s headquarters in Lyon last week to play Tekken 8, which you can find out more about in our first impressions that we just published. During the visit, Michael Murrayproducer of Tekken 8, gave us a brief presentation of the game.

So far, only ten characters have been announced for the game, and Lucky Chloe :not one of them. However, Murray used Lucky Chloe as an example of a character you might end up playing against. He quickly continued his introduction, but we’re guessing the chances of this character appearing in Tekken 8 have just increased to “confirmed” level.

Here is the confirmed roster so far for Tekken 8:

  • Jack-8
  • Jin Kazama
  • Jun Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • King II
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • Ling Xiao Yu
  • marshal law
  • Nina Williams
  • Paul Phoenix

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