West Palm Beach police have arrested a man they call a “serial offender” who they say raped a woman and attempted to rape another late last year.

Lenoris Davis, 42, faces multiple counts after his March 21 arrest, including two counts of kidnapping, one count of coercive/threatening sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault, the report reported. affiliate of WPTV NBC.

West Palm Beach police say the first incident involved Davis and a 35-year-old woman last November. Police say Davis attempted to offer the woman a ride as she walked before the conversation turned into a confrontation.

Davis allegedly got out of the car, threw the woman inside, and attempted to rape her. The victim was able to honk the car horn and scream for help before he was able to run to a nearby house for help.

The second incident took place in December, when Davis allegedly asked a 58-year-old woman where she could buy marijuana. The victim told Davis where to go and went with him, but asked him to leave after the purchase was made.

Davis refused, saying he wanted to have sex with the woman, taking her to an old cemetery on North Tamarind Avenue.

“She had been trying to run away. She was trying to push him away,” West Palm Beach police spokesman Mike Jachles said. “At one point she had a knife which she apparently dropped on the floor of the car. She was finally able to pick it up after the rape, and he stabbed her in the arm.”

DNA evidence from the razor led police to Davis, while DNA submitted in the November case also matched him. Both victims identified Davis as their attacker.

“Davis is a violent offender,” Jachles said. “There is a very high probability that these are not the only two victims.”

Anyone who might be a victim or know of Davis’ activities can contact Det. Garrett Shirey of the WPB Police at 561-822-1624.

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