There are memories no one can forget, not even time. It’s been over three months since a natural fighter like she was Elena Huelva died after an intense fight against Ewing’s sarcoma. However, it was a fight that left us with a great lesson: their desire won and they beat us all.

At 21, the young woman left this world on January 3, 2023 to shine even more from the sky. His legacy has penetrated social networks, becoming a reference. Optimism, hope and energy were three of the adjectives that characterized the influencer during her process.

It has undoubtedly been a very difficult year 2022 for Elena Huelva, but a year when his parents and his sister were his great support, as they had been since the first day she was diagnosed with cancer. Now that she is resting quietly, her message is still present.

The detail with which her sister remembers her

“Flowers from January 3 to April,” Emi wrote on her Instagram profile with an image where two paintings with flowers were seen. “I’m not quite sure with what meaning I took some of the flowers you sent or took from my sister with so much affection. I took them instinctively. I decided to dry them and put them in paintings,” he explained. , evoking one of the most difficult days of his life, just like the funeral of his sister which he remembers many times, although never enough, on the networks.

The young woman explained that now she sees the paintings and feels “very sorry”, but that she is also aware that in this sadness is the way to fill them with love for her sister: “And that they are there , the flowers are still there, some of them are still alive”.

“One way or another, what many remember and with great intensity never dies,” he said, declaring that he continues to the base of the canyon carrying his sister’s legacy. in every possible corner.

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