During the Trophy Titans event, many interesting transfer cards arrived in Ultimate Team. For example, we already recommend in other articles the versions of Diego Forlan there Joe Cole. But since in FIFA 23 it is common to get untradeable high averages through rewards and free packs, it is also logical that many people doubt where to spend these items to get SBC players.

During the two weeks of this holiday, team building challenges appeared for Claudio Marchisio and six different icons (Ashley Cole, Raúl, Figo, Carlos Alberto, Pirés and Roy Keane). AND If you doubt which ones would be the most interesting, here is my own tier list.

Although beware, I must warn you of several aspects. In the first place, This is a general classification but everyone must adapt it to their particular situation.. Because I don’t know what cards you have in your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team club. For example, Carlos Alberto is a very interesting central defender. But if you have already received two brutal DFCs as untradable, there would be no point in exchanging them.

And second, I don’t know what the FUT content will be for the next few weeks. And I say this because maybe some special versions reduce their value by incoming letters. For example, Raúl is very useful as a striker due to his five stars for bad foot. But EA Sports could release multiple DCs with the same quality, even higher stats, and at a good price. Will it happen? Well, I can’t guess, so I’m guided by the current situation. Cleared all that up, let’s go with the tier list.

Ranking FIFA 23’s Recent Icons and Heroes SBCs

1. Roy Keane Icono Trophy Titans

Position: MC only. He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, medium/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed. I recommend using it with Shadow.

Here is his opinion. You have to be careful with training, because you will only benefit from the chemistry boost as an MC. But if that’s not a problem for you, then he’s a very interesting card as a defensive midfielder who is also very useful for creating plays due to his precise delivery.

Roy Keane Icon Trophy Titans has the extra speed we can’t find in Gattuso Icon FUT Birthdaydefensive stats not typical of midfielders and exceptional strength. For all that, he is one of the strongest footballers I have tried for midfield. Back offers enormous reliability.

And although on offense he has almost zero value as a hitter and could be much finer in driving, He is a great assist due to his 90 vision, 95 short passing and 92 long passing. In some playstyles, he can do a lot of damage to opponents with his throws into space.

2. Raúl Icon Trophy Titans (especially if you don’t master the skills)

In-Game Stats FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Raúl Icono Titans Trophy
Positions: DC and SD. He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/medium work rate, lean body type, is 1’80 tall and left-handed. I advise to use it with Hunter.

we also publish a review of him. If you’re an expert in skill moves, you’ll probably regret that it doesn’t hit all five skills and that will make it less special. But if this resource is not essential for you either, then Raúl Icono Trophy Titans is even more valuable.

He could be much more efficient on long runs and his dribbling is fine but not brutal. Although anyway, It is a very interesting DC due to its reliability when shooting and the five bad legs.

In addition to Raúl Icon Trophy Titans manages to distinguish himself from other attackers in FIFA 23 by his brutal 96 in vision. He’s quite dangerous with throws into space, and for that reason he also knows how to play as a winger or a midfielder.

Whether he can play on the wing or as a CAM during games increases the chances of him being useful in the future. Because maybe in TOTS you get a really good winger and you want to use him as a striker. Well, in this case, you could change the position of both within the first minute of the game.

3. Carlos Alberto Prime Icon (if you use it as a central)

In-Game Stats Carlos Alberto Icono Prime FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: RF, CAD and DFC. He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed. I recommend using it with Shadow.

Here you can read his individual opinion. As a winger he plays very well, but I don’t consider him that special to spend so much. We’ve already found much more affordable alternatives that perform only slightly worse or similarly. Even if As a central player, it’s interesting if you have a lot of non-transferable socks in your club FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I don’t put it even higher because recently the prices of many top tier DFCs have dropped, so it becomes easier to replace it. But he’s still special because of his speed, combining 99 Accelerations with 98 Sprints after applying Shadow. While the great lack of Carlos Alberto Icono Prime is his height of 1’80.

With its speed and cutting precision, it almost always compensates for the lack of centimeters. But there are specific times when it takes its toll, it stops you from being as dominant as other centre-backs in FIFA 23. Although, anyway, he’s a good player accompanied by someone bigger. Especially in the old generation version.

4. Ashley Cole TOTY Icon

In-Game Stats Cole Icono del TOTY FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LI and CAI. He has four stars for skill and three for bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’76 tall and left-handed.

It doesn’t have its own review because his SBC appeared this afternoon, but I tried it recently anyway. AND If we weren’t so close to starting TOTS, I’d put it first or second..

Their Squad Building Challenge is not very expensive, they don’t ask for too many socks. But the offers a pretty solid performance, it’s one of the most compelling cards in its position right now. Because with the ball he obeys without being brutal, while at the back he is sure despite his lack of height because the defensive figures are incredible for an LI.

However, I place TOTY Icon Cole lower because His position is usually secondary in Ultimate Team and because other years we were able to get very cheap TOTS full backs with great performance.. So if the same thing happens as in previous editions, maybe in a few weeks it will stop being special. Because we would have much cheaper similar alternatives, or of a similar price but even more complete.

His SBC is therefore excellent in the current situation of FIFA 23, but could soon lose a lot of value due to the arrival of even more compelling items. That’s why I don’t find it so interesting.

5. Robert Pirés Icon of TOTY

In-Game Stats TOTY FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Pires Icon
Positions: EI, MI, MD and MCO. He has five stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, high and balanced body type+, he is 1’87 and right-handed. I advise to use it with Hunter.

Here you can read his opinion. I do not recommend it in case you are not crack with watermarks, and it’s a competitive card but there isn’t a huge difference between it and other much cheaper options. For example, it’s better than Bamba FUT Birthday but the jump in quality is not brutal.

I have some doubts because even more compelling options may appear in the future, and maybe then you’ll regret spending half of it. It should by no means be useless, but rather less special than it is today.

Although if you are skilled with the skills, his five of watermark will be a plus compared to TOTS which do not have this resource. AND 92 in vision is also interesting, in many games he can be decisive with his assists.

6. Luis Figo World Cup Icon

Figo World Cup Icon FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
Positions: ED, MD and CAM. He has five stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed.

It’s a very similar case to Pirés Icon of TOTY, a card that already appeared as transferable in a past event and that clearly I don’t advise if you as a user are not very good with watermarks. Although even then I rank it slightly below the French legend.

Figo Icon of the World Cup is more efficient in the race, his balanced morphology and his strength of 78 make him very efficient with spaces because he can withstand certain difficulties. Buthas a more humble view (87) which may soon be low. As well as some solid but not top-class shooting numbers, and a bit of a rough ride on some occasions.

7. Titans of Claudio Marchisio Heroes Trophy

In-Game Stats FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Marchisio Heroe Titans Trophy
Positions: CM, CDM and IM. He has four stars in skill and bad leg, high/high work rate, “Delgado” body type, he’s 1’80 and right-handed.

as I said in a recent articleI consider it one of the worst FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBCs value for money. And not because he’s bad, in fact he’s a fairly complete and competitive midfielder. But he does not manage so much to stand out on the pitch as to justify all the averages that are asked of him.

Marchisio Hero Trophy Titans tend to meet at the back and are effective as an organizer. But its defensive level is far from that offered by other cards like Roy Keane’s, nor is it brutal in attack. Because his passing numbers are already common among quality midfielders, his 80 finish is unsurprising and lowering his agility to 84 means he’s not someone exquisite.

It’s fine in game, but you don’t notice a very big jump in level compared to the much cheaper alternatives. So clearly I wouldn’t spend so many socks on it.

I hope this post is helpful. Remember that We have a Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we release content about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. and i’m leaving here news about a Premier League confrontation that has been leaked. Good luck!

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