Lydia Lozano is admitted to Hospital for Cervical Surgery

Lydia Lozano is admitted to Hospital for Cervical Surgery

Lydia Lozano announced yesterday in “Save me”, by surprise and visibly nervous, that today she would be undergoing emergency surgery on her cervical spine.

Worried and very apprehensive about health issues, the collaborator revealed that she has affected 4 vertebrae that cause a crush on the spinal cord, and hence the haste with which the doctors have decided to go through the operating room.This morning, first thing in the morning, Lydia has entered a central Madrid hospital accompanied by her husband, Charly, to go through one of the most complicated drinks of her life.

Betting on a comfortable look, with sunglasses, the necessary documentation for the operation in hand and a small lilac suitcase, the collaborator arrived at the clinic and confessed to being “very nervous.”

Without losing her smile and trying to keep the type, Lydia commented that “I hope everything goes well”, but assured that “I do not ask the doctors why but I get dizzy”.

“But it touches the marrow and that is a bit complicated,” she pointed out when we asked her how she is dealing with her delicate back operation, which will force her to be hospitalized for several days in which she will not be able to receive visits, as she has commented.

While Charly, true to his discretion, has not wanted to make statements, Lydia has boasted of a husband confessing that he is his great support: “He could not miss it. In good and in bad, in health and in disease.”

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