Katy Perry He has a residence in Las Vegas and has had visits from great friends. A few days ago we saw her with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton oh East. The Australian singer didn’t hesitate to wear a kaftan with a large photo of Katy stamped on it.

I love it when my girls come #PLAY @kimkardashian @siamusic @parisilton “, shared the singer on her networks about her guests of honor. And it seems that her show is a success and not only because of the many friends who go to see it.

The images that we have been able to see clearly show that there is very good relationship between these women who together rack up millions and millions of social media followers.

But this is not the only great moment that these concerts left him in the city of gambling. Kim Kardashian took her daughter North West see the show and had his moment of glory on stage.

The big moment

Katy Perry realized that the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West he was in the front row and invited her on stage. Afterwards He publicly confessed that he was a huge fan of the TikTok little girl dance and asked her if she could have such a great dancer with her at her concert.

North would then ask if her friends she had gone to the concert with could accompany her. And the singer did not hesitate. There they all got on, including the little sister of Selena Gomez, Gracewhich we recently saw also at the concert of Taylor Swift. It’s clear that a new generation of celebrity babies are stealing the show from their elders.

as it sounded Swish Swish In the background, the girls started doing somersaults on stage and Katy was no slouch and followed them. She came so high that she ended up on the ground with her legs open.

What is clear is that this whole bunch of friends know what the show is about and They had no qualms about joining the show without an ounce of shame.

Undoubtedly, a difficult time to forget for the girls who are lucky enough to belong to privileged families. He did not miss the visit to the dressing room to take the relevant photos and ask for the desired autographs.

Soon we see Katy Perry’s daughter following in her footsteps.

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