As having 20 years in music is not something that is celebrated every day, David Bisbal did not hesitate to go on stage LOS40 Primavera Pop in Madrid to continue the celebration of his long career.

The man from Almeria performed Chess, the first preview of his next album i feel alive. A project that will see the light of day this year and which reflects its current vital moment. “It makes me feel alive, my family, life itself, my relationship with all of you —the media—, working with my colleagues at the record company, the fan clubs… But, above all, without a doubtwhat gives me the most strength is my own family and the daily things of life”underlined our colleague Félix Castillo.

The great novelty of i feel aliveon tour

Regarding the album, Bisbal assured that it “is spectacular”. “It’s not just the songs that come with this more 80s and 90s, funky, pop feel… It’s been a long time since I’ve done such brutal ballads“.

“For the first time, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before,” began to reveal “When the tour in Spain starts – which happens in June – I will sing songs that will be on the album, so the fans will discover them earlier in the tour… And that excites me because it’s something different.”

His most international collaborations: would he have been seen at the Super Bowl?

we remember the artist i hate that i love you, his collaboration with Rihanna, “That song was beautiful,” he said—and we couldn’t help but ask him one of the big questions of the night: did he see himself at some point in the Barbados Super Bowl Half Time Show? “She would have seen me, but obviously to encourage her (RiRi). The Super Bowl is an unattainable dream for many artists. It’s in the hands of all these great artists who are known around the world,” he explained.

“But what is certain is that It was a privilege to sing with Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood and many American artists who decided at the time to combine their music with music in Spanish.of our country or of the Latin American continent, which is currently in very good shape”, he added about other of his great international collaborations.

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