The arrival of In the business A netflix It has undoubtedly been cause for celebration for the urban music industry. And it is that it is the first talent contest dedicated to this scene that seeks to find the next international star. The idea was born from Tainy and Lex Borreroand have had Rauw Alejandro, Nicki Nicole and Yandel measure the talent of its participants.

Also. We already have the first winner of this competition, who received the prize of a recording contract with NEON16, the label of Tainy and Lex Borrero. She is Nashy-Nashaiso go learn his name because everything indicates that you will soon hear him on the charts.

At just 21 years old, Nashy-Nashai has won over some of the most relevant figures in the industry, such as Rauw, Nicki, Yandel, Tainy and Lex, after showing his talent through songs like things to say. The Argentinian was raised in an urban neighborhood, in a modest family in the city of Soldati. Music has always been part of his life, as his family is full of artists. In fact, Nashy is not only passionate about music, but also about acting. His talent was rewarded with the Hugo prize for musical theater for his participation in Pick up.

From now on, the young artist has tackled her next musical projects in the hands of Tainy and Lex Borrero, two of the greatest producers on the scene. “to have won In the business It’s a dream come true and I’m very excited for what lies ahead. I look forward to working with Lex and Tainy and the entire NEON16 team.”, he said after winning the contest. “I’m learning from the best in the business and can’t wait for you to hear some of the new singles we plan to release very soon,” he added.

In the business

The competition created by these two producers and broadcast on Netflix initially had 12 participants. Finally, there were four participants who managed to reach the last phase. They traveled to Miami to get In the business with NEON16 and Nashy-Nashai wins. “What I wanted to bring was three elements. The first was to see how these artists were born. The second was not only to see people who have talent and who can sing, but also people who are artists. And the third was having this wonderful moment of television. That’s where the contract came from. Plus, there were no urban music shows.”said Lex in an interview with LOS40.

And you, have you ever seen it?

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