camila cabello there Shawn Mendes They once again became the subject of the tabloids after they were seen kissing, sparking rumors of a possible reconciliation. And it is that he Coachella festival 2023 not only did he leave us with great performances, big stars on stage, and occasional controversy, but also a lot of love among the audience.

Two of these participants were the Cuban performer and the Canadian artist who announced their breakup at the end of 2021 after several years of relationship. Now it looks like the flame could have been rekindled and not just because of the recorded footage of the two artists making love.

Camila Cabello herself would have taken it upon herself to inflame the networks even more about their reconciliation. Because the Cuban soloist recently published on her social networks the fragment of a new song which will be called Dark June and to which he even set a release date: “4.12”.

But the important thing is not only that the artist has already marked his musical return to the calendar, but that the message that the song conveys is particularly significant after what has been seen in recent days. Knowing how we know their love story and the situation that led them to break up, it is clear that the composition will give a lot to say.

How can you be so much better? Will this end? Guess I’ll mess around and find out. Coming to Coachella? If you don’t, that’s rubbish. If you do, baby, that’ll be all I think aboutwhispers Camila Cabello on a light melody on the keyboard.

Looking at the hundreds of comments the post has generated, it’s clear that the debate over the supposed reconciliation is hotter than ever between those who think they can give each other a second chance and those who think it’s all about promotion. musical.

We have many months ahead of speculation if the date that Camila Cabello posted through her official social media accounts is confirmed. What do you think? Now all they have to do is confirm it and record another song like the one that gave them so much joy. In this time apart, both of them spent a lot of time on their mental health and maybe they re-prioritized and put love first.

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