Twitter announced a few weeks ago that April 20 was the target date for some of its most controversial changes. And despite the loss of users, the company has evolved. Gone is the blue “check” that used to verify the accounts of artists, influencers, or relevant brands in any industry. And for the vast majority of characters, like Ibai Llanos, Yungblud, Charli XCX was the perfect opportunity to poke fun at it.

“I don’t know if it’s me anymore” has been the most common message among those who are dedicated to the world of entertainment and who found themselves overnight without this brand that until now served to identify them as an account. real and official.

Elon Musk’s company has already made it clear that despite leaving the payment option open to everyone, a confusing situation is not going to arise. First, because it changed business and corporate verification from blue to gold (although the payment check is still blue). And secondly, because it will filter the names of those paying users that look like real accounts of artists, companies, influencers… A complex task that we will see if it is able to perform.

Until that time came, the entertainment world had fun seeing itself without its blue “cheque”. “I didn’t check. I found humility again,” wrote Ibai Llanos. “I’m a fake account,” he said. “Officially never again an officially verified artist. I like being unofficial and unverified. That’s really me,” Charli XCX tweeted. “I will never be verified again. It’s hard,” wrote Yungblud, who was asked by a netizen to prove it was him and who the musician took a selfie while pouting.

As we say, the vast majority of characters checked out so far have decided to take this Twitter change with humor, although some have also chosen to warn of how wild it can become.

Who didn’t find it so funny was Doja Cat, who had one of the most-interactive posts on the popular social network: “Having a blue mark now means there’s a greater likelihood that you be a complete loser and desperately need validation from famous people.People buy blue ticks to feel important, not because they’ve built something meaningful.

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