Amaya never disappoints. After almost a year on tour to present his latest album (When I don’t know who I am), with which he has passed through different places and festivals of national and international geography, The singer granted one of her fans’ big wishes tonight.

Since the beginning of its first tour, the Pamplonica has always enlivened its concerts with the occasional version. With the tour of his first album, But nothing happensAmaia gave her fans the versions of When love sets sail there what will happen to us. During his second tour, however, he left Camela to get closer to Bad Gyal and interpret what is undoubtedly one of his classics, Feverin addition to offering its own tribute to David Bisbal with fragments of Ave Maria.

The 2018 Operación Triunfo winner has released the studio version of Feverwhich he already described in concert as “the best love song ever written“. And it is that Amaia only needs a piano and her voice to seduce us, to wake us up both to go out on the dance floor and to want to dedicate this great song to a special person.

Amaia also knows how to play with our expectations: the song begins a cappella, gradually introducing the piano with a chorus that can be heard in the distance, changing the tempo of the song at will and adding instruments that have not been heard livelike a synthesizer or electric percussion.

And it is that like Navarre there are few voices in Spain: any song suits it. Thus, she joins Bad Gyal fever to tell us about a crush in the middle of the dance floor, a boy dressed in Armani and black pants who arouses his interest in the midst of many people, making us want to shout with her: “I only dance for you”.

In this way, reinterprets, reinvents and refreshes a song that has been part of the soundtrack of our lives for over five years, making it more melodic and moving away from the original. The conclusion is simple: there is only one Bad Gyal, but Amaia Romero too.

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