After what Yulen Pereira visited his mother in Honduras last week, we saw another meeting in survivors. This time he flew there Christianthe boyfriend of Jonan Wiergo.

Ion Aramendi contacted him and reminded him how much he had talked about his competitor. “The truth is that I’m super happy with all the words you say and very happy to be here,” he said.

“I see it very well. I see him happy, as he is, happy, happy, doing really well in the tests, three times leader. I am very happy,” he added.

As for the businesses she has on the beach, her boyfriend assured that she trusts him and the people he has chosen. Unable to choose between March there Alma because he assures that he likes both, “I have no preference”.

Asraf is a nice guy, I like him and I think we have already seen what this group does to him and Jonathan got along well with him from the first track, they got along well from the first matches and I think they will get along well, ”he analyzed this unification and his reunion with the boyfriend of A Pantoja.


Ion Aramendi was struck by the fact that he called him Jonathan: “Of course, yes, friends and family call him Jonathan. It’s Jonan in the networks, it’s finally how almost everyone knows him, but in the closed circle it’s Jonathan”.

She ended up admitting that Jonan is the man of her life, although she wasn’t sure what she was going to say when she saw him, but it didn’t take long for us to see him.

Jonan Wiergo managed to make a fire in Playa Escondida where he had taken him Laura Madrueno face three challenges. When I did that was when a curtain came down and Christian appeared.


As soon as he saw him, Jonan would start crying and kiss him. They melted into a very touching embrace. “Precious“, was the first word that came out of the candidate, ” I don’t believe it, it’s surreal, how beautiful.

Christian was more shy and it was Jonan who kept repeating how handsome he saw his boy. They ended up sharing the shower that Jonan won in the bounty test. “Oh my God, feel clean the bodyhe said ecstatically as he smelled the soft water from the shower.

Then it was time to say goodbye. “I’m really sorry, but I’m so happy I got an amazing highI needed to see him and tell myself that everything was fine. It’s just, wow, amazing,” he enthused.

We’ll see if that boost of energy helps him carry on with the contest with more encouragement than we’ve seen in recent weeks.

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