If the summer of 2022 was exceptionally hot, everything indicates that in 2023 the weather will follow the same trend… And it is that the fourth month of the year is not yet over and that the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has already issued its first warning for extreme heat which can even reach 40 ºC in the Guadalquivir as the city of Seville hosts its traditional fair.

But not only in the Sevillian capital, there will be days of suffocating heat in the coming days. According to experts from the public body, over the next week there will be a gradual entry into the peninsula and the Balearic Islands of a mass of very hot and dry air of African origin which, together with the stability atmosphere and strong insolation, will cause a very marked rise in temperatures, reaching typical summer values ​​when the month of April is not even over yet.

Although temperatures will begin to rise from this same Monday, April 24, it will be Tuesday 25 and especially Wednesday 26 when the rise in values ​​will be most pronounced. So, if Aemet’s predictions come true, from Wednesday the southern half of the peninsula will see how the thermometers exceed 30 ºC as well as they will experience a heat worthy of the month of July in certain points of the Ebro Valley.

The areas where temperatures will increase the most between Tuesday and Wednesday will be the interior of Murcia, Valencia and Huelva, in Cadiz and in the Guadalquivir Valley, where they could even exceed 35°C.

Thursday, highest point of heat in Spain

As if that were not enough, on Thursday the heat will continue to rise and 30ºC will reach practically all of the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands except for Galicia and Cantabria. There the thermometers will reach 25 ºC while in the south they will generally go from 30 ºC to 35 ºC and the banks of the Guadalquivir will reach a maximum of 40 ºC with minimums that will not drop below 20 ºC Neither in Seville nor in other specific regions of Andalusia. In Madrid, for its part, it is expected that 32 ºC will be reached on Thursday.

On Friday, the temperatures will remain stable in the morning and in the afternoon, relief will come. Between the last hours of April 28 and the early hours of Saturday 29, the thermometers will gradually drop in a trend that will last until sunday 30 thanks to the entry from the Atlantic of a wetter and cooler air mass which will extend over the entire peninsular territory, causing the the maximums exceed 35 ºC only on the Mediterranean coast. There, the end of the heat will have to wait until Monday, May 1.

In the Canary Islands, the heat too

In the Canary Islands this week they will get rid of this exceptional heat, although the atmosphere will also be a little warmer than usual for the time of year. Specifically, on Thursday it will be possible to reach 30 ºC at certain points in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura while the minimum will not drop below 17 ºC.

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