La Promesa returns for another week to TVE’s La 1 television program after the break of this long weekend. And it is that on this occasion there is a change of plans since May 1st is a holiday throughout the national territory, this fiction of the public channel has decided to broadcast its chapters of tuesday may 2coinciding with the Madrid Community Day.

Despite the fact that this week instead of broadcasting five chapters, the main channel of the public channel will broadcast four episodes, its legion of fans will not miss their daily appointment since they do not want to miss any of the movements that their protagonists will put in star. In. And it is that, if The Promise has anything, it is an incredible cast led by Eva Martín and María Castro, who chapter after chapter direct all the conflicts and tensions that arise within the farm.

So, if this week you don’t want to miss your daily appointment with The promisein LOS40 we offer you a small preview of RTVE so that anyone who wants to can get ahead of the broadcast and know the keys to what will happen in each episode.

What Will Happen In May Chapter 2

The service of The Promise. / RTVE Communication / Bamboo Productions

As the wedding celebration approaches, Cruz, Jimena and her mother prepare all the details of the wedding dress. For her part, Catalina explodes in front of such superficiality since she has to see with her own eyes how her stepmother escapes unpunished from the betrayal on the spit in the Marquesas de Luján. Curro gets a very special visit and Cándela an anonymous message that threatens to reveal a secret from his past. With Pía’s help, Gregorio puts demands aside and starts showing his side closer to serving, which Rómulo doesn’t like at all.

What Will Happen In May Chapter 3

Catalina shows Manuel the plane she managed to fix with Jana’s help, but her reaction isn’t what she expected. All the members of La Promesa approach Curro to congratulate him on overcoming his latest academic challenge, even cook Simona has prepared her favorite dessert to celebrate. But someone is missing at this party, his father Lorenzo, who has other worries. Catalina, out on her own, managed to convince the Baroness of Azahara to give her her mother’s brooch to wear to Manuel’s wedding.

What Will Happen In Chapter 4 May

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Distribution of “The Promise”. / RTVE Communication / Bamboo Productions

María Fernández asks Martina for help in finding Salvador, and she talks to her uncle who promises to move everything. Pia recommends Rómulo apologizes to Gregorio, but their nets do not end. Lorenzo insists that Cruz stays until he obtains the opening of the will. Alonso clarifies everything with Manuel and the marriage falters.

What Will Happen In Chapter 5 May

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Distribution of ‘La Promesa’ at the wedding of Manuel and Jimena. / RTVE Communication / Bamboo Productions

The Promise is preparing to celebrate the Manuel and Jimena’s wedding, despite all warnings not to. As if that were not enough, this ceremony accentuates the differences between Don Gregorio and Mr. Baeza. So much so that their discussion is about to reach the living room, but Pía and Mauro manage to calm the situation. But Don Gregorio has an advantage because he has a trick up his sleeve and confesses to Rómulo information that he himself does not expect.

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