when playstation bought Bungie a few months ago, the company’s plans were beginning to loom more clearly on the horizon, making it clear to us that part of their future would be building games as a service that would be a long-term success. In my opinion, this is a somewhat risky decision; Above all, considering that the market is currently oversaturated with titles as a service.

But there’s something PlayStation recently commented on that makes have a little more hope in what they are preparing. Next, I’ll tell you what the company commented on so you can better understand what exactly I’m talking about. Let’s bother

PS strategy with games as a service: less is more

  • The information comes from an interview that the colleagues of the portal GamesIndustry have done for Hermann Hulst
  • Who is Hermen Hulst? This is the director of PlayStation Studios, the conglomerate of companies that develops exclusive titles for the consoles of the multinational
  • Some time ago he said that much of the company’s future strategy I was going to develop the odd game as a service
  • However, Hulst placed particular emphasis on the less is more rule: “That doesn’t mean we’re doing 10 Fortnites or 10 Destinys”
  • In this same sense, the manager comments that PlayStation will try to publish games as a very good quality service
  • This implies that the company is try to provide the best possible experiences instead of throwing away anything
  • Hulst also commented that games as a service which will launch PlayStation will appeal to different types of audiences
Hermann Hulst

What is a game as a service?

  • Games as a service are titles that continue to receive free or paid content once they have been released through updates.
  • These must reach it frequently for the title to remain relevant even years later that he came to light
  • Here are some examples of games as a service: Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone 2, Destiny 2, among others

What’s the next big game as a service that PlayStation is working on?

All of this information suggests that PlayStation is taking its time when it comes to making games as a service and the next one we might see in the market would be The Last of Us: Factions, the multiplayer title of the saga of which we still know very little and of which only a few images have emerged; even if it is true that could appear in the rumored PS Showcase taking place this summer.

The Last of Us: Factions

What do you think of all this? Do you think it’s more interesting to release several games of lesser quality or a few of very good quality? I read you in the comments.

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