In this guide I will tell you step by step how to complete the side mission “The Unique Unicorn” of Hogwarts Legacy. This mission is very easy, but it could be if It wasn’t that hard to catch a unicorn. Although it depends on the difficulty you are playing. I’ll also tell you what rewards you’ll get for completing it, as well as how to start it.

“The Unique Unicorn” Side Quest Guide

how does it start

To start this mission, you need to go to Hogsmeade to talk to a woman named Betty Bugbrooke, who is very worried because, from what she tells you, she has lost a unicorn that she was in charge of. occupy oneself in the Forbidden. Forest. So you know, you have to go and see how the animal is doing.

How to complete it

Go to the place indicated on the map, in the Forbidden Forest area. There you will find a group of unicorns, but only one is Hazel. If you look at it, the name will appear at the top. If you have trouble finding the unicorns, use Revelio to see them better. Don’t forget to use Revelio before trying to catch the unicorn, as it’s a bit tricky. When you catch it, talk to Betty again.

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mission rewards

  • You will receive an invitation maiden of the woods

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