After a City of Hialeah employee publicly asked for help due to an alleged staffing shortage at the 911 emergency service center, we were able to speak exclusively with a former employee of that department who provides that there is also a bad administration in this center .

Former employee of the Hialeah 911 call center, says “they have a high number of calls in the center that are not answered and not bouncing back to the county, all due to poor management reducing the number of employees per shift”.

Five years ago, there was an exodus of 26 employees in this department for many reasons, according to this former employee, including the elimination of pensions, low wages and long working hours.

“They work excessively, there are a lot of employees leaving because of abuse and favouritism, there is a lot of favouritism, the corruption that exists is excessive, even a pornographic actress has been employed.”

In addition, according to this former employee, many of them work in the center without the certificate required by the State.

“I did not leave for money, they denied me the opportunity to take the exam, while they allowed other employees to work without a state certificate.”

Mayor Esteban Bovo, through a statement, told us the following:

“Over the past few days, my office has received several inquiries regarding the operations of the City of Hialeah’s 911 division. I want to assure residents of the city that our 911 call center is operational and ready to dispatch services. emergency as needed. Contrary to recent media reporting, there is no crisis in this division and any mention of a crisis is completely fabricated.”

53 the department does not meet the requirement to respond to 90% of 911 calls within 10 seconds, all of which compromises public safety.

Regarding pension cuts, the mayor of Hialeah told us that it would be irresponsible for him to offer city employees benefits that city residents cannot afford.

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