The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has used artificial intelligence to arrest criminals, but it’s only a matter of time before those criminals can also use it to commit scams, including duplicating the voice of ‘loved one.

Capt. Rubén Romero of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said: “So far we have not received any reports that someone is artificially using a parent’s voice with certain apps that exist to mobile phones by computer, we have not received that, but we have seen which one is used the most”.

For this reason and given the advancement of technology, especially that of artificial intelligence, the authorities want to put the community on alert, especially the elderly in what is called the grandparents scam.

“If they get a phone call, that’s normal, that’s what they’re used to, they didn’t expect there to be someone using artificial intelligence on the other line to deceive the voice of their loved one and ask them for money”

The scammer usually calls saying he has an emergency and needs money urgently. The authorities recommend that you immediately verify the Information by calling the police or another family member, they also recommend.

“The relatives must have a password so they know it’s the parent on the other line of the phone because usually the artificial intelligence can’t pick up those words or it won’t know what their password is. , you understand me and you also have to ask various questions, personal questions because they usually don’t have that information.”

According to the police, scammers could use anyone’s voice by obtaining it on social networks, which is why you have to be very attentive to these possible scams.

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