An amendment to a bill could slash the wages of thousands of workers in Florida by affecting local governments’ authority over the living wage ordinance.

Around 30,000 employees at Miami Dade could be affected, including around 13,000 at the airport. They could lose an average of $7 an hour in wages.

Employees say they fear losing an average of $7 per hour compared to their current salary. due to an amendment under a pending bill in Tallahassee.

Williams Álvarez says: “We are now at 18.73 to lower it to eleven or about 7 dollars, which is equivalent to a loss of almost a thousand dollars per month, 12 thousand per year.”

Williams works at Miami International Airport. He belongs to the union that in the state represents security guards, maintenance personnel and airport workers. Among other public sector workers.

“Those who live hand to mouth will not be able to live, they will not be able to support themselves with an increasing income, an increasing amount of food in the market is not possible.”

Hélène Obrien, assures, “the salaries of tens of thousands of employees in Florida would be reduced, the majority in Miami Dade and Broward. Because it would take away the power of local governments to impose what is called the salary ordinance vital”.

Miami Dade was the first place to test this ordinance in 1999, which establishes higher wages for employees of companies that have contracts with municipalities. If the proposal is approved, local governments will not be able to require these businesses to pay more than the state minimum wage of eleven dollars an hour for their employees.

Commissioner Eileen Higgins says:

“We have nearly 30,000 people here in our county who are now receiving a living wage with benefits, we cannot lose that level of compensation for our residents.”

Commissioner Higgins traveled to Tallahassee last week to argue for dissolving the measure.

“During this week, we have completely eliminated three seats in the Senate and one in the House. So next week we have to fight, the fight continues,” Higgins said. “It’s a sin because no one in our county can live on just $11 an hour.”

In 2020, 60% of voters in the state approved a phased wage increase to $15 an hour by 2026. Today, the minimum is $11 an hour.

In a statement, the Mayor of Miami Dade said Miami Dade residents work hard to earn a salary that recognizes their efforts. This proposal will plunge thousands of families into poverty due to the high cost of living. I work with our state legislators to make sure they understand the critical importance of our living wage ordinance.”

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