In this article you will find the best-selling video games on all platforms to date

Since its inception in the 1970s, video games have established themselves as a very popular form of entertainment around the world. As technology and game design have advanced, video games have evolved significantly, becoming a cultural phenomenon. Currently, The video game industry is one of the largest in the world, with a market value of over $220 billion..

Over the decades, many video games have emerged, acclaimed for their impact on the industry and recognized as the best sellers of all time. These video games have left an indelible mark on the industry and popular culture.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best-selling video games in history, analyzing what made them so popular and so successful. Additionally, we will examine how these games influenced the evolution of the video game industry, as well as popular culture in general.

We will see how over time new genres and trends have emerged in terms of consumption and tastes in the video game industry.

10. Terrariums

Terraria is a 2D construction and adventure game that will have you hooked from the first moment.

Explore a vast world full of dangers, treasures and surprises, where you must collect resources to build tools, weapons and shelters to survive. Moreover, you can summon epic bosses and face them in exciting battles. The variety of enemies and items you can find is impressive, which makes each game unique and exciting.

Terraria is an addictive, fun and adventure game that will not leave you indifferent.

9. Pokemon Red

Pokémon Red It is the first game in the Pokémon franchise.originally released in 1996 in Japan and 1998 in North America.mThe game it’s an rpg – Role-Playing Game – in which players assume the role of a Pokémon Trainer and must capture, train, and battle creatures known as Pokémon.

The story follows the player as they journey through the Kanto region, battling other trainers and trying to become the champion of the Pokémon League. Along the way, players find and catch new Pokémon for their team, each with unique abilities and distinguishing characteristics.

One of the coolest features of the video game is the turn-based battle system, which allows players to face other trainers and their Pokémon in exciting battles. The game understand a variety of puzzles and challenges that must be overcome to progress through the story.

8. Red Dead Redemption 2

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is a video game action adventure which was released in 2018. The game is a prequel to “Red Dead Redemption” and takes place in a open world set in the old west.

The player assumes the role of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw working for Dutch van der Linde’s gang. The objective of the game is to complete missions and activities while traveling through the game world, which is full of wild animals, bandits and dangers. The story is thrilling and immersive, and the graphics and world design are impressive.

The game also features an honor system, in which player’s actions affect their relationship with other characters Game.

He multiplayer mode of the game offers many opportunities to play with friends and complete missions together.

7. Super Mario Bros.

In this game, players assume the role of Mario, a plumber who must save the princess Peach from the clutches of evil Bowser.

The game is known for its simple and addictive gameplaywith Mario running and jumping through various levels full of obstacles and enemies. Players can collect coins and bonuses to help him in his mission. He is famous for his memorable soundtrack and colorful graphics.

It is considered one of the most influential and successful games all time. Laid the foundation for many games of platforms that came later. If you are looking for a fun and classic game, “Super Mario Bros” is a great choice.

6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe provides hours of fun for all video game lovers. The game offers an intense and thrilling driving experience with over 40 playable Nintendo characters.

He has a great variety of tracks inspired by the classics of the Mario franchise and brand new tracks that will surprise even veterans of the game.

One of the most important features of the game is its online multiplayer mode. This mode allows you to compete against other players around the world in real time, adding an extra level of challenge and excitement. Or you can play with your friends on the same console in split-screen mode.

Another interesting aspect is the large variety of items and bonuses available during the races. Items allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents. Gameplay is smooth and easy to pick upeven for new players.

5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a title that revolutionized the battle royale genre when it was released in 2017.

This title stood out in the market thanks to its focus on strategy and tactical gameplay. Each match forces players to make critical decisions about collecting supplies and staying safe, while trying to avoid detection by other players.

There map width it is also one of the main features of PUBG. Each match generates a random map, adding unpredictable excitement to each round. The variability of the terrain and the large number of items and resources to collect provide a wide variety of strategies and tactics that players can employ.

He multiplayer mode of the game is also a fundamental aspect, allowing players to choose between playing alone or in teams with friends. Eventually, offers several game modesincluding first-person and third-person, allowing players to customize their experience and keep it fresh.

4. Sports Wii

“Wii Sports” is a sports video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii console. Released in 2006, Wii Sports was one of the best-selling games on the console and is considered one of the titles that popularized the use of the Wii Remote motion controller.

The game offers five different sports: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Each sport uses the motion controller in a different way, allowing a immersive and realistic gaming experience.

Players can play alone or with friends in the different game modes, including tournaments and challenges. He has colorful graphics and fun animationsnail upbeat soundtrack which adapts perfectly to the sports environment, as well as with a intuitive and accessible gameplay.vsWii Sports is a fun and exciting game for the whole family.

3. Tetris

Tetris is a classic video game that has left an indelible mark on the history of video games. East one of the most iconic creations of the 8-bit era and has stood the test of time to become a favorite for generations of gamers.

Game mechanics are simple yet addictive, players must move and rotate geometric blocks of different shapes and sizes to fit them into full rows, leaving no gaps. As the game progresses, the speed picks up and the difficulty increases, making every match a challenging and thrilling experience.

Despite its simplicity, it has a timeless quality which makes it fun and appealing even today, which makes it particular. It’s a game that takes players back to a simpler time, where graphics weren’t the most important thing and gameplay mechanics were what mattered.vThe soundtrack is one of the most iconic melodies in video games.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

  • Year: 2012
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Sales: 180 million
  • Buy at the best price

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Released in 2013, it remains one of the most popular video games of all time.

The story takes place in Los Santos, a fictional city based on Los Angeles, and follows the lives of three main characters.: Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who have unique abilities and personalities.

The game offers a huge open world that allows players to explore and do activities in and around the city. It has a wide range of side activities and mini-games. Players can buy property, invest in the stock market, and customize their characters and vehicles.

GTA V Features awesome graphics in high definition, realistic lighting effects and a quality soundtrack with a variety of radio stations offering different musical genres. the game too has an online multiplayer mode called “GTA Online”.


  • Year: 2009
  • Platforms: 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Switch, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Sales: 240 million
  • Buy at the best price

Minecraft, created by Markus Persson and developed by Mojang Studios, is a construction and adventure game that has enjoyed unprecedented success since its release in 2011.

Located in a procedurally generated worldthe game features blocks that represent different materials. The player starts out bare-handed and must collect resources, build shelters, and explore the environment to survive. During the night or in dark places, you have to face enemies like zombies, skeletons and spiders.

Creativity and freedom are notable features, allowing the player to create their own gaming experience, building homes, towns and entire worlds with friends. The game It has different game survival and creativity.

There the visual aesthetic is simple and charming and the the soundtrack is relaxing and enjoyable. Minecraft is a game that has captivated millions of players around the world and left a lasting mark on the history of video games.

And so far, the 10 best-selling video games of all time, where we’ve analyzed what makes them so iconic and popular, and we’ve talked about classic and modern games. Titles that have influenced popular culture and shaped the video game industry.

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