Jadel regains the lead thanks to the public tiebreaker with Andrea Guasch

The tenth edition of Your face is familiar to me awarded a fifth gala full of spectacular performances and once again, lots of humour. The music format of Antenna 3 presented by Manuel Fuentes He continues to demonstrate the good form of the program every Friday. The last night definitely distinguished the two best imitators of this edition: Jade there Andrea Guasch. If you have not been able to see the complete program or in its entirety, You will find in this article a summary of Gala 5 of Tu cara me suena.

What were the performances of Gala 5 of Tu cara me suena 10?

  • Anne Igartiburu – Becky G.
  • Augustin Jimenez – El Fary.
  • merchandising- Ana Mena (accompanied by Abraham Mateo).
  • Susie Caramel- Beep Bippadotta (Los Muppets).
  • Alfred Garcia – Prince.
  • Jade- Luis Miguel
  • Myriam Rodriguez- Vicky Larraz (Ole Ole).
  • Josie- Britney Spears.
  • Andrea Guasch – Kate Bush.

One of the most anticipated performances of the gala was the performance of merchandise next to Abraham Mateodue to the presence of the singer from Cadiz. Jade would realize his dream of interpreting Luis Miguel there Andrea Guasch I was going to sing one of the most viral songs of this thanks to the series Strange things. What performance will have been above the lot at the Gala 5 of Your face sounds 10 for me?

Gala Winner 5 of Your Face Looks Familiar 10

Jade won again Your face looks familiar to me with his performance as Luis Miguel and his song The unconditional. The singer is positioned as the leader of the general classification. The jury awarded him the best score of the evening, tied with Suzie Caramel. Angel Lazarus he had to determine the tiebreaker, opting for the second. Finally, the public of the program gave the victory to Tenerife by one point against Andrea Guaschwinner of the previous gala.

  • Jade – 22 stitches.
  • Andrea Guasch – 21 stitches.
  • Alfred Garcia – 18 dots.
  • merchandise – 18 dots.
  • Suzie Caramel – 18 dots.
  • Miriam Rodriguez – 15 points.
  • Josie -14 dots.
  • Anne Igartiburu – 10 dots.
  • Augustin Jimenez – 8 points.
Jadel with Manuel Fuentes after winning Gala 5 of Tu cara me suena 10

General ranking after Gala 5 of Your face looks familiar to me 10

  • Jade – 104 dots.
  • Andrea Guasch – 99 dots.
  • Miriam Rodriguez – 97 dots.
  • merchandise – 92 dots.
  • Alfred Garcia – 90 dots.
  • Josie – 75 dots.
  • Suzie Caramel – 63 stitches.
  • Anne Igartiburu – 57 stitches.
  • Augustin Jimenez – 45 dots.

Gala 6 of Tu cara me suena 10 will be broadcast on Antena on Friday, May 5, 2023 from 10:00 p.m.

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