As per usual International Kissing Day is celebrated every April 13., a date entered on the calendar relatively recently and which mobilizes hundreds of people to take advantage of this very pleasant practice. However, there are many social media users who can’t resist sharing famous and lesser-known kiss images, phrases and gifs to share with their whole army of followers, but also with their crush or its most particular environment, on such a characteristic day.

Whether you are more affectionate or not, kisses are another sign of affection, love and affection towards those beings we appreciate, be it your mother, your partner, your brother or your pet. Either way, International Kissing Day is ano more excuses to spread the love to these special beings. Thus, every April 13, we commemorate romantic kisses, cinema kisses, kisses on the forehead, kisses on the cheek, kisses from parents to children and vice versa, kisses from grandparents, kisses between friends … Everyone has a cavity here!

He kissing is a universal language, in which people strengthen bonds and show affection and respect for other beings. But reallywhat is the origin of this party the day of the kiss?

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Why is International Kissing Day celebrated on April 13?

The origin of the celebration of the Day of the Kiss is relatively recent and to understand it we must go back to 2011, when a couple starred in the longest kiss in history in a contest in Thailand on a day like this. This kiss lasted approximately 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. But there is even more and that is that this duo, who already had a mark never registered, managed again in 2013 to surpass themselves and register a new world record with a kiss that lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

One of the curiosities is that in this last competition the couples were not allowed to sit down and had to kiss each other constantly. Yeah, not even when they went to the bathroom or drank water through a straw. Something that explains that since then, in many countries of the world, on a day like this, a contest is held in which lovers must try to get the longest kiss in the world.

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Phrases to dedicate on the occasion of the International Kissing Day

Kisses make a difference and a good proof of this is the many phrases about kisses that can be found in songs, books, movies and thoughts. Some of the most fascinating and that will soften your heart this Kiss Day are:

  1. A kiss moves, two links and three marks (Marta Gárgoles).
  2. A world is born when two people kiss (Octavio Paz).
  3. Kisses like yours should come with a warning label. The truth, they can’t be good for the heart (Colleen Hoover).
  4. A kiss rejuvenates the heart and washes away the years (Rupert Brooke).
  5. A kiss is a charming trick defined by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous (Ingrid Bergman).
  6. Kisses are a better fate than wisdom itself (EE Cummings).
  7. Happiness is like a kiss, you have to share it to enjoy it (Bernard Meltzer).
  8. We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine (Eduardo Galeano).
  9. In a kiss you will know everything I have kept secret (Pablo Neruda).
  10. It’s this kind of kiss that makes you realize that oxygen is overrated (Tahereh Mafi).
  11. It’s curious that something as simple as a kiss could scare away the worst of worries (Neal Shusterman).
  12. The kiss is the contact of two skins and the fusion of two fantasies (Alfred de Musset).
  13. The kiss is the escape valve of honesty (Paul Géraldy)
  14. The good thing about the years is that they heal wounds; The bad side of kisses is that they are addictive (Joaquín Sabina).
  15. I wish I could keep that kiss in a bottle and take it in small doses every hour or every day (Nicole Williams).
  16. Kisses that come laughing, then crying they leave, and in them life goes, which will never return (Miguel de Unamuno).
  17. The soul that can speak with the eyes can also kiss with the gaze (Gustazo Adolfo Bécquer).
  18. What is lost is also a pair or two of lips that have tasted the taste of mine, and that now I can only kiss in my memory (Mario Benedetti).
  19. The kiss is a form of dialogue (George Sand).
  20. The good thing with years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing with kisses is that they are addictive (Joaquín Sabina).
  21. Where will the kisses that we keep and don’t give go (Víctor Manuel).
  22. There is no kiss that is not the beginning of a farewell, even the arrival one (George Bernard Shaw).
  23. Written kisses never reach their destination, since ghosts drink them along the way (Franz Kafka).
  24. I’m still waiting for that passionate kiss in the rain (Harry Styles).
  25. The only real language in the world is the kiss (Alfred de Musset).
  26. The most important things are read between the lines and the most beautiful things are said between the kisses (Juan Vaquero).
  27. A kiss is a secret that is said in the mouth and not in the ears (Jean Rostand).
  28. A kiss ignites life with lightning and thunder (Ramón Sampedro in Mar Adentro).
  29. I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days (Kevin Costner).
  30. Isn’t a kiss the true autograph of love? (Henry Théophile Finck).

But… is there anything better in the world than focusing on this very pleasurable activity on International Kissing Day? The answer is more than obvious, so don’t waste your time sharing images, gifs and messages and dedicate yourself to spreading kisses to all your loved ones.

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